A Developmental league for girls in grades 1 through 6 focusing on basic field hockey skills.

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Concussions are a growing concern in youth and scholastic sports.  All coaches will be required to take an online concussion training course before the start of the season. In addition, coaches will receive information concerning symptoms of a concussion and what to do in the event they suspect a possible concussion as part of our league's Emergency Action Plan.  All players and parents will receive similar information at the beginning of the season. Players and parents will be asked to sign a statement acknowledging receipt of concussion information before the start of the season. Any player who has sustained a concussion will need to provide Fast Flicks with a doctor's note that indicates they are cleared in order to return to practice and/or games. The player's parent/legal guardian must also sign a head injury information/awareness sheet before returning to practice and/or games.  


Below are concussion resources from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC):

For Coaches:

For Parents & Athletes: